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The quince años ritual is a significant way among Latinos to celebrate the passage from childhood to adolescence, that is the fifteenth birthday of a young woman, the Quinceañera.

The young woman, with her parent(s), come to church to give thanks and to ask for a blessing. Most often parents request that a Mass in thanksgiving for the gift of their daughter's life be celebrated with her family and friends.

After the Liturgy of the Word, the young woman will often renew her life in accord with the teachings of Christ. This is followed by blessing of appropriate gifts. After Communion, the quinceañera usually offers a bouquet of flowers to the Blessed Mother, Mary.

For information and celebration of Quinceañera, please download the pamphlet found below.
Quinceañera Pamphlet
If you are interested in celebrating a Quinceañera at our Parish, please download & review the information pamphlet provided on this page.

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